High School Academic Pyramid Questions


HSAPQ's current board is:

HSAPQ's subject editors are:

  • Jordan Brownstein
  • Auroni Gupta
  • Joelle Smart
  • Cody Voight

Additonally, HSAPQ's current writers are:

  • Rob Carson
  • Nick Collins
  • Kurtis Droge
  • Andrew Feist
  • Kenji Golimlim
  • Daniel Hothem
  • Ike Jose
  • Farah Kabir
  • Eddie Kim
  • Bruce Lou
  • Jason Loy
  • Ewan MacAulay
  • Chris Manners
  • Eric Mukherjee
  • Rohith Nagari
  • Will Overman
  • Tejas Raje
  • Lloyd Sy
  • Chandler West

Please contact Mike Cheyne if you are a high school senior or older and wish to become a writer for HSAPQ. Please have some samples of your work and be prepared to submit a writing sample.

Contact info: 1808 Cyril Court, Frederick, MD 21701 FAX: 866-912-7618