High School Academic Pyramid Questions

Products & Pricing

HSAPQ offers tournament sets by default in the ACF-format with power marks. Each set consists of fifteen packets. Each packet contains a regulation game of twenty tossups with twenty 30-point bonus questions, and tiebreakers.

The license fee for hosting a regular invitational tournament on anHSAPQ set is $16 per team in attendance. We offer discounts for tournaments in regions that are new to high school quizbowl. The price for tournaments in established regions is not negotiable.

We are open to doing most minor modifications, such as changing the stated value of tossups, reformatting 30-point bonuses as 20-point bonuses, or changing the number of questions in a game, for no additional cost.

We also produce a 28-packet regular season and 8-packet conference, regional, and state tournament sets for Virginia High School League Scholastic Bowl each year. Pricing on these is a package arrangement.

Contact Jacob O'Rourke to place an order in any of the off-the-shelf formats.

Major custom orders such as entirely different game formats, or anything that requires questions to be written specifically for one tournament, should be commissioned on a case-by-case basis. Prices will be discussed as part of the process. Contact Jacob O'Rourke to discuss custom orders.

Practice questions

HSAPQ does not sell practice questions; instead, we post each of our sets for free once it has been used at a tournament for the last time. Please see our questions page to acquire all of our released sets.

Contact info: 1808 Cyril Court, Frederick, MD 21701 FAX: 866-912-7618